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Slowly but surely, this could well be the motto of the croatian band Besthial, a band that along its 5 years of existence has changed both, composition and internally, because the continued search for a sound for their dreams and emotions is not suitable for everyone. Music, dreams, emotions and much more is about they told us at a recent meeting that we capture you right here!

When I try to explain which kind of music plays Besthial, an internal maze appears on my mind. How can you describe Besthial?

We could say that Besthial is the essence of three people turned into metal music. Or as it says on our page – “The voices of our souls”… We never could describe what kind of music we play and we never really tried. When we write, we never think something like: “This has to sound really metal” or “Let’s make this kind of hard rock sounding”… We just try to turn the emotion and thoughts that describe the theme of the song into guitar and drum music.

The band starts to work in 2006, but it’s not until 2008 that you record your first EP “Careful what you wish”. In the beginning, you play more a “power metal” style and nowadays Besthial is a completely different band… What happens? Did you get bored? (laughs!) Personally, I think the new way it’s a lot better!

Yeah, we did kind of change every time we recorded something (laughs)… But it’s just a “growing up” phase in the life of every band. You always try to play the music you like and because you can’t copy, you kind of do your own interpretation. Most bands in the world go through this type of growth and finding their sound, but the only thing that sets up apart from them is the fact that we recorded our change – like a music diary… That’s what happened to Besthial. In the beginning we liked melodic symphonic metal, then in the “Perpetual Journey” era we went for a more heavy sound, with a female vocal, and nowadays… Well to me, it’s just pure anger and emotion… But it’s always us and people that follow us from the beginning can find a connection between, for example, “Naira” and “Ashes”, even though there doesn’t seem to be any. The only thing that changed is that we learned to play better and faster so the quality of our musical expression went a level further…

In your discography we find 3 EPs and a new single. When can we hear a Besthial LP?

Believe me, an album is the next thing planed from us… We rode the “demo” & ”EP” wave as long as we could (laughs), but now that we found our place with the new sound it’s time to do something more concrete… It’s too early to speak of more detailed information about the album, but it is the most important thing for us now. We are working on writing and completing enough songs to then record them together.

Maybe your music can be compared with a box of chocolates, publish it in little dose and let the listeners with desire of more (laughs). Talking about this new single, how is it working?

I would like to say that it is like that; giving the people just enough to keep them interested, but… The reality is that we always recorded the newest material we had to offer and every time we changed members and stuff, we had to start from scratch. Now, we only have 4 recorded songs because we had to write the new material and couldn’t use any old songs; the styles differ from one another too much… So it’s writing and collecting time this whole year and then seeing what we end up with in 2012…

Here, we don’t know how is the Croatian metal scene. Is there a great scene? Is it easy for a metal band play in live? Here in our town it’s not easy at all…

In music terms the metal scene in Croatia is great: there are a lot of great bands from all styles and the level of quality and musicianship is very high… But, in professional terms of opportunity to get ahead, well – that’s totally shit… Concert opportunities are very low, and the music industry doesn’t give a shit about us… “Normal people” demonise metal music and metal fans by calling us Satanists and drug addicts, but that’s the way it’s always been, so… Nothing new…

Sad but true my friends... Well, back to good things, Besthial line up is formed by Zephyra on vocals, Mate on guitars and Marko on drums. Who plays bass guitar on the stage? Do you think you need to enlarge the Besthial family or is it a comfortable situation for you to continue as a trio?

Our good friend Domagoj Versic, from the band Imaginarium, recorded the bass. He also played live with us when we asked him… The line up is the way it is because we couldn’t find anyone else to “share the dream and vision” of the band with us. It’s not just about playing well, but (sometimes even more) about being in it 200% and loving the band and the songs with your whole self.; It being a part of you and you being a part of it. So far the current situation is very comfortable for us, as we only write music and don’t perform anywhere. But, we will have to look for 2 more permanent members when we go play live a little more. When that will be is still a long way ahead.

Zephyra voice is full of personality and it gives a touch of distinction to your music. Is it probably because you want to escape of the topic voice?

I mean, there’s nothing to escape. We don’t look at it that way and focus on the fact that we are in any way special because we don’t have the classic metal frontman with hair up to his butt, 30 tattoos and no neck to speak of, hahaha (laughs)… Our vocalist happens to be a woman and happens to do a fuckin’ great job despite that. She has an awesome voice and a very distinctive way of singing and interpretation. And that’s just the clean vocal side. The scream and growl vocals are a story for themselves and it’s enough to listen to any of our new songs to figure that out. But especially because of that special voice and singing style we aren’t an average “female fronted metal band”…

Talk me about the lyrics, about you write, cause I think Besthial is a “combative” band against injustices and inequalities of modern society.

The lyrics always spoke about some internal view of the external world we can perceive. We aren’t trying to “combat” anyone, but more try to give ourselves the chance to share our emotions and thoughts with the outside world. All out songs speak of some aspect of our lives, a situation or a belief. But, they are not so personal that only we can “feel” them… “Ashes” is about change and how when something happens to us it, at first, seems to be bad and negative, we have to deal with it, stay positive and open our eyes to see the opportunity in the situation. For example, if you get fired from a job you could stay at home and cry and be angry because you lost your job. But, maybe there is a better job waiting for you somewhere that you couldn’t see because you already have that one. You understand? There is an old Hindu saying: “In order to create something new, first we have to destroy the old.” Or “Until I bleed” is about staying true to your beliefs and who you think you are, even though everyone around you is trying to tell you what you should do. In example, you are a kid and you want to be a famous painter, but you parents want you to be an accountant, because “sitting around your room and throwing colour at a paper is not a job, it’s a waste of time. You are to do what I say or you can pack your things and leave my house.” – Deny me a place in heaven, I challenge this fate until I bleed. Get it? And these emotions are universal. Everyone has had similar situations in their lives. Sharing these kinds of things with other people is harder than to write about dragons and spaceships (hahaha, well to us anyway), but when people recognize that emotion and find themselves in your song… I believe the bond between fan and band is much much higher and stronger…

Which was the highlight in the Besthial history until today? And which is the next objective you have in your mind?

Highlight? I think the last year and the music we wrote is the biggest thing we have accomplished so far. You are actually witnessing the highlight of our career so far, hahaha… It’s the “EP 2011” and “Fates Temptation”. The next objective is, as I said, writing and recording our first album.

That’s all my friends, thanks for your time! Do you want to send any message to the Spanish metalheads?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our band and vision with people we normally couldn’t reach. And to all the Spanish metalheads: “Stay true to yourselves and never give up on your dreams, my friends. We hope to see you on the road one day. Cheers!”
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