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If we did a route across the globe in search of the largest producers of metal music, Sweden should be marked on it with really big letters! Over the years this country has done more than give us great joy in this area, something that will be forever grateful. And within all that great musical offerings, there is a band for a couple of years really catches my attention. This is One Without, a band that made the international market upside down with his first album, a mix of cutting metal strong and the sweetness of pop. Now with the release of their second LP, "Sweet Relief", is the time to take contact with Catrin Feymark, lead singer of the band, and ask about everything surrounding this new album and plans to bring ... Enjoy it!

First of all, thank you for your time and for giving us a wonder as "Sweet Relief"!!

(Catrin) Thank you!

Personally I would describe the music of OW like "In Flames meets Katatonia mixed by Abba" but, for all these people who don´t know the band (until today :)), who are ONE WITHOUT? And I think that Abba was a great band, seriously!

(Catrin) I wouldn’t say no to that description! (laughs!) One Without certainly has that modern metal sound that you can find in bands like In Flames. That mixed with a pop/rock approach, is how I would describe OW. And as the bands you compared us to are all from Sweden, it might be interesting to mention, for those who don’t know of us, that we are also from Sweden, Gothenburg to be precise!

“Sweet Relief” is your second album and I think the most important difference between this one and “Toughts…” is that the first album is more intimate ¿ is it a conscious evolution due to the impact that your first album was worldwide?

(Catrin) We never try to sound in a certain way. It may sound cliché, but we really just follow our hearts and play what feels “right” for us. So the fact that there are differences between the two albums is just due to a natural development of the band. And there is more to come out of that constant development! (laughs)

Perhaps it´s my perception, but I find on this record that you are more energetic musically but in contrast, your voice is sweeter. Is an intentional "clash"?

(Catrin) As I said before we never try to sound in a certain way, but it might be intentional in that way that it felt just right to do like we did on this album
Haha, a bit cryptic maybe, but I like it that way!

As I tell you before, I think that the band sounds more aggressive, but at the same time, more melancholy in songs such as “Accusing Eyes” or “Souls of a Thousand”. Do not you shut the door to inspiration when composing or if something sounds too far from the OW style you leave it aside?

(Catrin) When it comes to inspiration I think there should never be a closed door! But that doesn’t mean that I think that everything fits in the OW-style. But all ideas should be tried before they get dismissed. I feel that all members of One Without has the same openness to try new ideas musically, and that contribution from all members is to me one way to describe the concept of the OW-style.

"Accusing Eyes"… what a great song! The vocal melody accompanied by guitar at the end of the theme is simply amazing!

(Catrin) Thank you!

The other side of the album are songs like “Sweet Relief”, full of energy, and I´m sure that in live sounds very powerful. For the people that couldn´t see you live yet ¿How is a OW show?

(Catrin) If you had to divide bands in “studio bands” or “live bands” we would definitely be in the “live bands” category, because we all love to perform live! That’s the reason why I play music. To meet with the fans and just be badass on stage! A OW-show is full of extreme energy, we are happy if we have some power left to stand up after a gig (laughs!)

"Sweet Relief" contains 17 songs, almost double as the usual.Why so many?

(Catrin) Why not? :P

The album is available for free download through your own website, relying on donations from fans. Maybe it´s the best way to reach new listeners, but is this the future of music? Is the “digital world” Killing the physical support? or is that just you are mad? (laughs!!)

(Catrin) Internet has certainly changed the way that people obtain music. As an artist it affects you in that way that your music will be spread for free at different file sharing sites and so on without your permission. Almost everyone download an album before buying it nowadays, or maybe they only download and never buy real CD’s or digital albums.
So therefore we felt that we might as well let people download our new album with full artwork directly from us. And make it possible for those who want to donate, to do so.
To some people we may seem mad, but looking at the situation, maybe it’s not so odd to do such a thing.
I have to say that “Sweet Relief” is also available on iTunes so you can buy a digital CD if you prefer that, and it will be sold as a physical CD in a few weeks, for those who wants to have it “for real”.

Bands usually place their "hit single" between 3 or 4 first songs on the album. "Pretender" is number 11! Why? And how can you choose wich one will be the single in an album full of great songs?

(Catrin) Maybe we are a bit mad after all, haha! Why not put it as number 11?
I guess we aren’t really the ordinary band, we like to think outside the box and not just conform to old rules, we wanna be ahead!
Why we chose to make a single of “Pretender”, which we also have made a music video to, is because we feel that that song represents the album well. It kind of summarize it all.

The Swedish music scene is full of big names, from Europe to In Flames or Evergrey, for example. Is there a place for a new wave of bands like you or just because of all that great scene is harder for you to be known?

(Catrin) Of course there is room for new waves of bands, but it’s not easy to get your foot in! But we are working hard to get our name out there, and will not definitely not give up easily! That sounded almost like a battle speech, haha! But that’s just how devoted we are to playing music!

Since the departure of your first album you have made great tour with many famous bands. Have you any plans to introduce this new one in live?

(Catrin) Yes, of course we are gonna play the songs from our new album live, and as soon as we have tour dates we will inform our fans! We have actually already played a few of the songs from “Sweet Relief” live, it felt great, so we are really looking forward to play them even more! (laughs)

You are a band with female vocals that escapes the typical clichés of (badly) named "femmale fronted." Do you think that this label, that includes any group with a girl in their ranks, helps you or is it harmful for your music?

(Catrin) I think it is sad that such a label even exists. And I guess it has to do with the fact that the world of metal/rock has been filled with mostly men for such a long time, but it seems that is slowly starting to change, and I really do hope so.
It’s weird to classify a music style based on gender, that just doesn’t make sense. Especially to us, when we get thrown into the “female fronted genre” by some people, and can be compared to bands for example with a huge symphonic sound, with almost operatic voices. And all that just because I happen to be a female. That’s just so akward.
I don’t know if it is mostly harmful or to gain for us, because in one way it’s bad because some people might not give us a chance because they see it’s a girl in the band and think “oh female fronted I guess they are exactly like…(then they pick a band with a female singer, which might not even sound close to us at all).
On the other hand, female voices in metal, is still, sadly enough, a bit rare, and because of that it might be interesting for people to listen to us.
I wish there wouldn’t be a division based on gender, cause it’s just not right.

Chapeau Catrin! Finally, when can we see you in Spain?

(Catrin) I wish I could say tomorrow! (laughs!) But right now we don’t have any plans on going to Spain, but we will be there again, that’s for sure!

Thank you for your time! I wish you best of luck!!!

(Catrin) Thank you so much! It was a pleasure! Take care ;)
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