Interview: Marja Panic (The Way of Purity)

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In the world of music to convey the ideas and the message contained in a song, most importantly, it's feel free with yourself!
The Way of Purity are more than a band, more than just a message away from a commercial pose, far from cheap tricks. We are talking about a band involved with nature, with the Earth and its roots, with all that we all seem to have forgotten... and today we had the pleasure to talk with their new singer. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to Marja Panic!

Hi Marja, how are you? First of all, thank you a lot for give us your time!

Hi! I'm fine!!! Thanks to you for this interview!

We know TWOP, we know their music but. what about you? Who is Marja Panic?

I'm just a voice, an instrument and I will be always grateful to TWOP for
giving me this chance. This means so much for me, I collaborate with valid
people with an extraordinary mind and talent, with a particular attention to
what surrounds us and a strong will and intention to leave a mark, fighting
in order to spread an important message: we should open our eyes and get out
from the vicious static circle we are trapped in, going out from the imposed
pattern, using our own mind. If you want to build a Castle you can't ignore
any single brick and you should have a solid foundation, so let's start from
our roots, they come from Earth, we are part of this marvellous creation of
Mother Nature and if we don't find again our place into This, we will be
destroyed just like an organism behaves against a virulent illness, because
we are acting like a virus. The revolution, the changement, starts from our
lives, our houses, our habits, clothes and from what we eat. Food is one of
the most important things for us and it deserves more attention for many
reasons. If you choose your food carefully, you can do something in order to
avoid animals exploitation and pollution and if you do that you will give
more importance to the quality of things you are eating, taking care of your
body and of the environment around you. I'm talking about conscious choices.
We can't stand this anymore, we can't ignore the Blue Planet's groans. A
pained, racked but persistent voice, that's what I am.

Far as we know, you knew the band before joining it. Were you surprised that
they offered you to join in? Or did you propose it?

I met TWOP after Tiril's departure, i made an audition and we had time for
talking and knowing each other and we immediately discovered our common
interests and point of views. When they told me I was in the band I felt
like I reached an important turning point of my life. The Pact was signed
and my path was defined.

We also know from the moment you walked into the band, you started to
writing new material for the next album. Could you tell us more about it? We
are still enjoying Equate. How are new issues coming out? Could we find
something new in the music of TWOP?

Yes we suddenly started writing the new songs with a great russian musician
called Stielas Storhett. The new songs are really emotional and we are
developing the great sound we created with "Equate". Heavy rock influenced
totally by new wave and hardcore with incredibly heartfelt lyrics/vocals. In
fact for the lyrics we are cooperating with the professor Julio Ángel
Olivares Merino. Julio is a teacher at the university of Jaén in Spain and
it's creating some fantastic texts for our songs...He's really into The Way
Of Purity's concept like Stielas Stohett and our actual members.

Now you have to defend in live the songs recorded by Tiril. Do you feel
comfortable with it?

Yes, of course because I will defend them in my own way and I feel
comfortable because I have the possibility to express myself using and
adapting my voice to something already done, it's an interesting challenge I
have to say.

And what about the shows of this new one? Do you have any plans to visit

There is actually work in progress for The European Tour we are going to
play in the next months.

TWOP is more than a metal band, it seems to be some kind of earth-cult,
something totally admirable! Could you tell us what lies beneath the music?

You are right, TWOP is not really a band, we put all our strength for a
common aim as I told you before, our message. That's the important thing, we
don't care about looking cool or about fame. We act through music but also
in other different ways, we support ALF (Animal Liberation Front), different
animals rights groups(this is the reason why the other members wear masks on
the stage, it's a way to honour and remember who fights) and we use media
and talk to people to spread Free information.
The Superior Force lies beneath the music with our devotion to animals with
their purity, they could teach us how to live and come back to our real
roots, Nature. We don't care about religions..The only worship we have is
towards what we can see and feel in the amazing colour and forms of
creatures and plants of the Earth. We don't believe in Good or Evil, the
mathematical answer for this never ending torment lies inside Nature's
We are all responsible for what is happening, and this proves how limited we
can be, because our emotional field has fake borders, if we grow up thinking
in a particular way it is not so easy to change point of view, but if you
focus on feelings and on what you are, then, probably eating a cow or a
chicken could be disgusting as well as eating a cat or a dog( or a human).

The new CD is available for free download (note: it is "Crosscore", not "Equate", mea culpa!)  Is this the best way to promote
albums today?

"Equate" is not available for free download but sold through charity
program. We sell the cds via various distributors (at the moment in the USA
only) because a great friend of us (Ray Holroyd from Revolution Harmony -
non profit label) asked us to contribute in creating funds for Peta and ALF
and we accepted since this guy is 100% like us and knows what he's doing. We
are discussing now if we can do a similar thing in Europe as well. we are
really proud in investing our share to support what we believe in ... That's
the reason why TWOP exists.

Here's something curious! Why do you think some people dislike the TWOP's
youtube videos? It's like someone who doesn't love you so much (and with a
lot of free time) would leave you constantly look bad...

Thank you for this question. When you have a strong and important message
you will probably have many enemies. We can't hide that what we say could
irritate someone, but it is pretty funny that this "someone" created a
Script to dislike our videos and comments.. if you take a look it is more
than obvious. and ridiculous. So, we don't care and we go on, this makes us
feel stronger and it means that we are making a good job.

Finally, thanks for your time Marja! Wish you the best! Do you want to send
any message to the spanish metalheads?

Please always keep in mind what we stand for.
We believe there is a god that cannot be represented by shallow icons
because it is a superior force: for us this superior force is simply Nature.
We can see everyday the power of nature around us: if any of its elements,
water, wind or fire, decides to destroy us, it does so effortlessly. This
force is something that all animals can still feel inside them, but not us.
And why is that? Unlike us, animals are pure: they only kill for food and
self-preservation; they use sex only for reproduction while we have
pornography, prostitution and all sorts of perversions. Follows the example
of animals, that's the only way for salvation. Thank you so much for your
interest and wishes, hope to see you soon there during our next European
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