Interview: Nya Cruz (Kandia,2012)

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They've surprised everybody with their Beauty Inward/Outward Reflection in 2010, a commitment to the modern sounds of modern rock, an album full of beautiful melodies and powerful compositions. Last year they've returned to show signs of life with the release of the hit single Into your Hands and now, in late 2012 we have a teaser for the album which will be released early next year, showing a clear evolution both musically and visually. So without thinking twice we decided to approach the singer Nya Cruz to tell us what are their plans for the future. Ladies and gentlemen, Kandia!

Hi Nya! How are you? Thanks for your time!
We've hardly heard a sneak preview of the new album and we can feel the difference. It seems like Kandia have taken “Soilwork au Skrillex” for dinner :) What can we expect from this new one?

With this new record we wanted to show an evolution in our sound. I don’t think we can say it is absolutely different but… more current.
Soilwork has always been one of the bands we listen to regularly and we have recently discovered Skrillex and other DJ’s. We’ve always tried to mold electronic sounds into Kandia songs but this time we’ve decided to leave it for those who know what they are doing!
In the end, we wanted to get more power and aggressiveness into the guitars and vocals and keep the melodic side with pianos and synths.

Once again Daniel Cardoso is your producer, who also seems to have helped you with some arranges on the new songs. If something goes fine... isn’t it?

Actually, we hadn’t decided on a specific producer for this record when we approached Daniel to help us out on writing the pianos. We ended up joining ideas and actually writing the whole album together. We were actually recording the demo at the time but ended up doing the final recordings for the album immediately after we agreed on the sound we wanted to achieve. We came to the conclusion that we had similar ideas. You guys called it “Soilwork au Skrillex” and Daniel refers to it as “Meshuggah meets Madonna” (lol)

This time you also have a collaboration in Katfyr. Nowadays there are some bands who get this kind of arrangements, like Korn or In This Moment...

When we started working on this album the closest we had from something like this was the album from Korn. However we can’t say what we did is in any way similar to what they did. It was never our intent to make the electronics the most important part of the music but use it as an embellishment. Katfyr has an excelent work, he was presented to us by Daniel Cardoso. The results are very interesting as you all will be able to hear soon.

12 new ones and a cover which “people probably aren't expecting , but we decided to take the risk anyway"… any word about it?

We can tell you it’s not Skrillex. And we can tell you we only got to know the song a few days before we started working on it.

In 2013, three years will have passed since the release of "Inward Beauty...". How has your mind changed when you’re composing?

It’s amazing how time flows. Well, the pressure to make a better album was immense… that actually ended up making the whole thing slower. André is a perfectionist and most of the times he ends up throwing away ideas I believe are good but he thinks they aren’t strong enough. Later on, it all ended up flowing faster as soon as we decided on the sound, yet again, the pressure was still huge. I never wrote this many lyrics and vocal lines as I did for this record. It’s filled with sweat and effort.

And here comes another new! You have signed to BMG/Chrysalis for this new album. What can you tell us about this?

In the beginning of this year we have signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Benelux which was in the meantime acquired by BMG. It’s definitely a big help and motivation to have someone believing in our work. Now we just need the same thing to happen with a record label.

A few days ago we read that Bernardo left the band. Have you already a bass player on view?

We’re not really worried about that right now. We still have a lot of work to do before we can start thinking about concerts, however, we are very anxious to start playing live.

Nya, we ask a small confession... grunts or just screams? :D

No grunts nor screams… just something a little rasp. ;)

One more time, our pleasure of talking with you. Before “goodbye”, something else you want to say?

All we can say is “sorry that we are taking so long” but we are sure it will be worth the wait. This album is like a real son to us! We have all our hopes in it. We hope you’ll like it too!

Shure! Thank you!!

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