El increible Gwyn Ashton vuelve a España en el mes de noviembre despues de su anterior parada por estos lares .

Serán 2 únicas y exclusivas fechas en :
19 Noviembre - Barcelona * Rocksound
20 Noviembre - Burlada * Peña Euskalerría + Murali Coryel

Conciertos que nadie debe perderse de esta leyenda del BluesRock australiano !!

Gwyn es un reconocido Multi-instrumentista de blues , música étnica .Todo lo fusiona con sonidos alternativos ,instrumentos electro-acústicos lap slide ,guitarras eléctricas de 12 cuerdas ,harp blues y efectos tales como loopers y fuzz para completar su paleta sonora .
Si a esto le añades un bombo bajo sus pies el hombre orquesta esta preparado !!

Es un maestro de la guitarra slide y tiene un arsenal de instrumentos al alcance de sus manos para crear un único y enorme sonido .
Un hombre espectáculo en directo !!

Su ecléctico estilo incorpora blues, country, rock and roll y funk.
Él da siempre el 100% a su audiencia mostrando el tradicional Killer Rock & Roll Australiano para no dejar prisioneros.

Gwyn es un tipo de guitarrista/cantante con un gran dinamismo e intensidad.
En su forma de tocar la guitarra sobresale su uso del volumen controlado y también mucho el feedback .
Si a todo esto le añadimos su faceta como gran cantante y compositor :
Tenemos un verdadero guerrero del blues !!
#Estos son algunos de los comentarios y críticas que escriben sobre el los medios internacionales y que dejarían atonito a cualquiera :

"One of the best blues guitarists since Stevie Ray Vaughan".
Krusher Joule Kerrang, BBC

"One of the great unsung heroes."
Don Airey, Deep Purple

"Gwyn's the king of feel and tone."
Robert Plant

"Ashton breathes a vibrant new life into bluesy rock with a bang-up-to-date vicious sting in the tail".
Metal Hammer

"Ashton plays like Keith Richards on a good night and that´s really saying something".
Vintage Guitar Magazine

"A true blues player"
Johnny Winter

"South Australia's greatest contribution to blues-rock." -

"Australian-born UK resident compensates for a bass player deficit with superb technique and an array of swampy, edgy and high-octane, riff-based tunes – think Rory Gallagher jamming with the White Stripes. Ashton also tears apart Hey Joe, Purple Haze and I Just Wanna Make Love To You, spitting out the bones and reassembling them as compelling, barely recognisable Frankenstein’s monsters. This show is so entertaining that it’s tough to imagine any genuine fan of the blues, or of wider taste, failing to be bowled over by its immediacy and power." - Dave Ling - Classic Rock Nov 09

"This certainly belongs in 2009 and not back in the 1900s. It is fresh, has a hell of an edge to it and just demands your complete attention." - Blues Matters (UK)

"This is blues/rock guitar assault of the highest order and I fu*king love it! Nine of the eleven tracks here are self-penned; the exceptions being incredible versions of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroad Blues' and Blind Willie Reynolds' 'Outside Woman Blues', both made famous by Cream, both blowing Cream's efforts clean out of the water." - Alan Jones, Get Ready To Rock - 2009

"Two-Man Blues Army is a masterclass in rocking garage blues, a feast of big riffs, killer guitar tones and searing vocals. More importantly, the record crackles with the raw, spontaneous energy of a live show, something often absent from many modern blues albums." - Guitar Buyer

"The whole album of killer tunes represents a definite melding of traditional blues-meets-the-21st century." - Gear

"A welcome tonic to the glut of perfectly produced vanity exercises that passes for modern blues these days. It’s a raucous sounding album that has plenty of credibility in a modern blues market full of mediocrity." - Guitarist

“This duo march into battle taking on every blues-rock trick in the book, successfully blasting them to a new level. No-nonsense, brutal and invigorating” - Guitar & Bass

"(Gwyn Ashton) blends the essences of Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas blues, 60s surf, British 70s rock and no-holds-barred Australian kick-ass boogie ... (He is) guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating taste in guitar-led blues." (Review of his album "Prohibition" at CD Baby)

"Prohibition is a strong, powerful and dark, energetic and charged with electricity Blues-Rock ... probably the best Blues/Rock album of 2006" (Review at Bluescat)


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