Esta sección se cerró en abril del 2016 tras una década de emisiones mediante el 107.4 fm de Radio Foz.

A Bola de Metal 08/04/16

Norhod – Bleeding Path (Voices from the Ocean)
Traboute – ... E eu son rei! (Flúe)
Cloudscape – A new Design (Voice of Reason)
After Rain "The Funeral Marches"
Sacramento – Horizonte de eventos (Horizonte de Eventos)

Entrevista Sacramento

A Bola de Metal 01/04/16

Killswitch Engage – Hate by Design (Hate by Design)
Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika (Jumalten Aika)
In Malice's Wake – Bear the Cross (Light Upon The Wicked)
Circus Maximus – Loved Ones (Havoc)
Caliban – Walk Alone (Gravity)
Spiritual Beggars – What Doesn't Kill You (Sunrise to Sundown)
Asha – It Doesn't Matter (Third Journey Through Time & Space)
Coheed and Cambria – Here to Mars (The Color Before the Sun)

A Bola de Metal 18/03/16

Amberian Dawn – Rise of the Evil (Innuendo)
Ihsahn – NaCl (Das Seelembrechen)
The New Black – Blockbuster Life (A Monster’s Life)
Megadeth – Poisonous Shadows (Dystopia)
Entombed A.D. – Down To Mars to Ride (Dead Dawn)
Age of Dust - Genesis (Messenger in a Soulless World)

Entrevista a Age of Dust

A Bola de Metal 26/02/16

Delain – Suckerpunch (Lunar Prelude)
Rotting Christ – Tou Thanatou (Rituals)
Dark Oath – Watchman of Gods (When Fire Engulfs the Earth)
The Great Wound – Defiance of Existence (Voices of Regret)
Sinbreed – Across the Great Divides (Master Creator)
Mileth - …e na novena Onda caeron os Deuses (single)

A Bola de Metal 12/02/16

Amoral – Rude Awakening (In Sequence)
Beyond the Black – Written in Blood (Lost in Forever)
The Gathering – On Most Surfaces (TG25 Live At Doornroosje)
Fleshgod Apocalypse – In Aeternum (King)
Textures – Shaping a Single Grain of Sand (Phenotype)
Pareidolian - Atrapasueños (Sueños de Hielo)

A Bola de Metal 05/02/16

In Flames – Rusted Nail (Siren Charms)
Mux – Moon (The Ocean of Invisible Things)
Amon Amarth – First Kill (Jomsviking)
Abbath – To war (Abbath)
Last Autumn's Dream – Kiss Me (Level Eleven)
Serenity – Inquity (Codex Atlanticus)
Circus Maximus – The Weight (Havoc)

A Bola de Metal 29/01/16

Shakra – Hello (High Noon)
Omnium Gatherum – Frontiers (Grey Heavens)
Asha – It Doesn't Matter (Pleasures of Equality)
Borknagar – The Rhymes of the Mountain (Winter Thrice)
Avantasia – Draconian Love (Ghostlights)

A Bola de Metal 15/01/16

Dark Funeral – Nail Them to The Cross (Nail Them to the Cross Ep)
Find Me – Let Love Rule (Dark Angel)
Norhod - Bleeding Path (Voices from the ocean)
Brainstorm – Where Angels Dream (Scary Creatures)
In.Verno – Opportunity (The Reasonable Choice of Insanity)

Entrevista In.Verno

A Bola de Metal 08/01/16

Dark the Suns – The Sleeping Beauty (Life Eternal)
Anthrax – For all Kings (For All Kings)
Fleshgod Apocalypse – In Aeternum (King)
Tuatha de Danann – Rhymes Against Humanity (Dawn of a new Sun)
Modern Day Babylon – Water Drops (The Ocean Atlas)
Avantasia – Ghostlights (Ghostlights)
Stone Sour – Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer Cover) (Straight outta Burbank)
Xandria – Don't Say a Word (Sonata Arctica Tribute)
Vader – Dark Age (Before the Age of Chaos)

A Bola de Metal 18/12/15

Art Nation – Need you to Understand (Revolution)
Moonspell – Funeral Bloom (Extinct)
Leprous – Rewind (The Congregation)
Carach Angren - Two Flies Flew Into a Black Sugar Cobweb (There's no Fairytale)
Avatarium – Girl with the Raven Mask (Girl with the Raven Mask)
Iron Maiden – When the River runs Deep (Book of Souls)
Swallow the Sun - With You Came the Whole of the Tears (Songs from the North)

A Bola de Metal 11/12/15

Kamelot – Falling Star (Haven)
Disturbed – Open your eyes (Immortalized)
Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Endless Forms Most Beautiful)
Leprous – The Price (The Congregation)
Amberian dawn – Lady Hawk (Innuendo)
Slayer – Repentless (Repentless)
Kadavar – The Old Man (Berlin)
Amorphis – The Four Wise One (Under the Red Cloud)
WASP – Last Runaway (Golgotha)
Soilwork – Enemies in Fidelity (The Ride Majestic)

A Bola de Metal 27/11/15

Obituary – Visions in My Head (Inked in Blood)
Crimson Chysalis – Soul Stalker (Enraptured)
Witherscape – The New Tomorrow (The new Tomorrow Ep)
Ashes 2 Ashes – Butterfly (Th3ories)
The Gentle Storm – Heart of Amsterdam (The Diary)
Mycelia – Choleric: Blunt Force Trauma (Obey)
Stream of Passion – Monster (A War of Our Own)
Age of Dust – Desires (Messenger in a Soulles World)
Pentagram – The Temper Push (Curious Volume)
Deathtiny – Fly (In Creeps Clothing)

A Bola de Metal 06/11/15

Entwine – End of Silence (Chaotic Nation)
The Black Dahlia Murder – Re-Faced (Abysmal)
Trivium – Silence in the Snow (Silence in the Snow)
Malevolent Creation
Queensryche – Guardian (Condition Human)
Powerwolf – Army of the Night (Blessed and Possessed)
Art Nation – All the Way (Revolution)
WASP – Shotgun (Golgotha)
Nile - Call to Destruction (What Should not be Unearthed)

A Bola de Metal 25/09/15

Disturbed – Open your Eyes (Immortalized)
Metal Allegiance – we Rock (Dio cover)
Guilles- Spoon of Ants (The Bridge)
Devil City Angels – Numb (Devil City Angels)
Barbarian Prophecies – Remains of Existence (Remains of Existence)
Leaves – Lost (While the Light Continues Spinning)
Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes (In Absentia)
Draconian – Deadlight (A Rose for the Apocalypse)

A Bola de Metal 18/09/15

In.Verno - Blue Dawn of Overwhelming Helplessness (The Reasonable choice of Insanity)
Children of Bodom – I Worship Chaos (I Worship Chaos)
Amorphis – Dark Path (Under the Red Cloud)
Slayer (Repentless)
InMe – Hymn: Ivory Tower (Trilogy: Dawn)
Stratovarius – Rise Above It (Eternal)
August Burns Red – Identity (Found in far away places)
Kadavar – The Old Man (Berlin)
Soilwork – Petrichor by Sulphur (The Ride Majestic)

A Bola de Metal 26/06/15

Fear Factory – Soul Hacker (Genexus)
Kataklysm – Thy Serpents Tongue (Of Ghosts and Gods)
Symphony X – Without You (Underworld)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Tremonti – Cauterize (Cauterize)
Korn – Sabotage (feat. Slipknot)
Cradle of Filth - Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess (Hammer of the Witches)
Loch Vostok – I Implode (From these Waters)
Sinister – Beneath the Remains (Dark Memorials)

A Bola de Metal 19/06/15

Elvenking – Moonbean Stone Circle (The Pagan Manifesto)
Ensiferum – Warrior Without a War (One Man Army)
Kamelot – My Therapy (Haven)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Shape of Despair – Written in my Scars (Monotony Fields)
Helloween – Stay Crazy (My God-Given Right)
The Ocean – Bathyalpelagic: Impasses (Pelagial)
Tribulation – Melancholia (The Children of the Night)
Ne Obliviscaris – When the Black Hands Dance (Sarabande to Nihil)
Blind Guardian – The Grand Parade (Beyond the Red Mirror)

A Bola de Metal 12/06/15

Within Silence – Silent Desire (Gallery of Life)
Fear Factory – Replica (Demanufacture)
Ne Obliviscaris – When the Black Hands Dance (Sarabande to Nihil)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Paradise Lost - (The Plague Within)
Coal Chamber – Light in the Shadows (Rivals)
Orpheus Blade – The Fine art of Feeding (Wolf's Cry)
Audiolepsia – Cenizas (Principio de Inceridumbre)
Dark Sarah – Sun, Moon and Stars (Behind the Veil)

A Bola de Metal 05/06/15

Faith no More – Superhero (Sol Invictus)
In Verno – Blue Dawn of Overwhelming Helplessness (The Reasonable Choice of Insanity)
Paradise Lost – No Hope in Sight (The Plague Within)
Hinder – Hit the ground (When the smoke clears)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Helloween – My God Given-Right
Leprous – The Price (The Congregation)
Graveworm – Blood/Torture/Death (Ascending Hate)
Enslaved – Thurisaz Dreaming (In Times)
Malrun – Forbidden Fruit (Two Thrones)

A Bola de Metal 08/05/15

Cain's Offering – The Best of Times (Stormcrow)
Nightrage – The Puritan (The Puritan)
Whitesnake – Burn (The Purple Years)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Vader – Vicious Circle
Kamelot – Insomnia (Haven)
Sirenia – Serpent (The seventh Life Path)
Within Silence – Silent Desire (Gallery of Life)
Anathema – Slepless (Ressonance)
Soilwork – Let this river flow (Live in the heart of Helsinki)

A Bola de Metal 24/04/15

All that Remains – This Probably Won't End Well (The Order of Things)
Last Autumn's Dream – Follow Your Heart (Level Eleven)
"Mentiendes???" de Shop Circus:
Tribulation – Strange Gateways Beckon (The Children of the Night)
Keep of Kalessin – Introspection (Epistemology)
Earshot – Now that it's Over (Aftermath)
Periphery – 22 Faces (Juggernaut: Alpha)
The Gentle Storm – Heart of Amsterdam (The Diary)

A Bola de Metal 17/04/15

Black Label Society – My Dying Time (Catacombs of the Black Vatican)
Arch Enemy – Stolen Life (single 2015)
Alesana – The Goddes (Confessions)
Helloween – Battle's Won (single 2015)
Stone Sour – We Die Young (Meanwhile in Burbank)
Behemoth – Messe Noir (The Satanist)
Kiske & Somerville – City of Heroes (City of Heroes)
Entombed – I for an Eye (Morning Star)
10 Years – Luna (From Birth to Burial)
Apocalyptica – Cold Blood (Shadowmaker)
Colosso – Anthem to Chaos (Abrasive Peace)

A Bola de Metal 10/04/15

Halestorm – Mayhem (Into the Wild Life)
Moonspell – Funeral Bloom (Extinct)
Barren Earth "On Lonely Towers"
Nightwish – Weak fantasy (Endless Forms Most Beautiful)
Flames at Sunrise – Bitch (Never Coming Home)

A Bola de Metal 06/03/15

Delain - Stardust (The Human Contradiction)
Europe - Hand in my pocket (War of Kings)
The Agonist - I Endeavor (Eye of providence)
HIM - Right Here in my Arms (Razorblade Romance)
Moonspell - Medusalem (Extinct)
ICS Vortex - Odin's Tree (Storm Seeker)
Stream of Passion - The Curse (A War of Our Own)
Orphaned Land - Let the Truce be Know (All is One)
Helevorn - I am to Blame (Compassion Forlorn)

A Bola de Metal 27/02/15

Sylosis- To Build a Tomb (Dormant Heart)
Moonspell- Breathe (Extinct)
Nightwish- Sagan ( Elan)
Ensiferum- Axe of judgement ( One man army)
Flames at sunrise- Never coming home (Never Coming Home)
Ending Quest- Summerian Invocation (The Summoning)
Blind Guardian- Sacred Mind (Beyond the Red MIrror)
One Way Mirror- Stinkin´of Gold (Capture)
Hate- Hate is the Law (Crusade: Zero)

A Bola de Metal 20/02/15

Keep of Kalessin – The Dragontower
Carach Angren – Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar Cowbeb
Eirikur Hauksson – Valentine Lost
Apocalyptica – Faraway
Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
Gréta Salóme & Jónsi – Never Forget
Keep of Kalessin & Alexander Rybak – The Divine Land
Daniel Gildenlöw – Pappa

A Bola de Metal 13/02/15

Wig Wam - In My Dreams
Terasbetoni – Missä Miehet Ratsastaa
Susperia – Nothing Remains
Inge & the TritoneKings - Totenköpfchen
Keep of Kalessin - Dark Divinity (Epistemology)
Hanna Pakarinen – Leave Me Alone
Crucified Barbara – Heaven or Hell
Nightwish – Sleepwalker
Max Janson Mai – Don’t close your Eyes

A Bola de Metal 23/01/15

Whyzdom – Let’s Play With Fire (Symphony for a Heartless God)
Wednesday 13 – Astro Psycho Galactic Blood Drive (Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and play)
Jorn Lande & Trond Holter – Walking on water (Dracula, Swing of Death)
Orden Ogan – Here at the End of the World (Ravenhead)
Napalm Death – Stubbon Stains (Apex Predator, Easy Meat)
Angra – Black Heartd Soul (The Secret Garden)
Periphery – Alpha (Alpha)
White Empress – The Congregation (Rise Of The Empress)

A Bola de Metal 16/01/15

Caliban – I am Ghost (Ghost Empire)
Vanish – Bless the Buried Child (Come to Wither)
Voices of Destiny – The Easy Prey (Crisis Cult)
Angelus Apatrida “Hidden Evolution”
Battle Beast – Lionheart (Unholy savior)
Asha - (Emotional Intelligence)
Entrevista a Kike G. Caamaño

A Bola de Metal 09/01/15

Dimmu Borgir – Getaways (Abrahadabra)
Blind Guardian – Twilight of the Gods (Beyond the Red Mirror)
Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Dormant Heart)
Taake – Det Fins et Prins (Kulde)
Leaves – Insane Heart (Now is the Time)
Amorphis – Hopeless Days (Circle)

A Bola de Metal 26/12/14

Sólstafir – Lagnaeti (Otta)
Leaves – Now is the Time (This is the time)
Mastodon – The Motherload (Once More ‘round the Sun)
Asha - Dogwalker (Emotional Intelligence)
Queen – Now I’m Here (Live at Rainbow ’74)
Ashes 2 Ashes – Dilema (Th3ories)
The Val – Wreackage of my Heart (Heading for the Surface)

A Bola de Metal 19/12/14

Souldrainer – Biological Experiments (Architect)
Monuments – I, the Creator (The Amanuensis)
SepticFlesh – The First Immortal (Titan)
Sonata Arctica – Half a Marathon Man (Pariah’s Child)
Vallenfyre – Cattle (Splinters)
Evergrey – A New Dawn (Hymns for the Broken)
Ne Obliviscaris – Devour Me, Colossus: Part I, Blackholes (Citadel)

A Bola de Metal 12/12/14

Behemoth – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (The Satanist)
Nightingale – Forevermore (Retribution)
Insomnium – While we Sleep (Shadows of the Dying Sun)
Mechina – Terrae (Xenon)
Work of Art – How do you sleep at night (Framework)
Triptykon – Breathing (Melana Chasmata)
Arch Enemy – You Will know My Name (War Eternal)

A Bola de Metal 14/11/14

Carcass – Intensive Battery Brooding (Surgical Remission)
Soen – Tabula Rasa (Tellurian)
Audrey Horne – Out of the City (Pure Heavy)
Ghost Brigade – Stones and Pillars (IV – One with the storm)
Eluveitie – The Silver Sister (Origins)
Nightingale – Lucifer’s Lament (Retribution)
Eden Circus – Devoid of Purpose (Marula)
Ne Obliviscaris – Pyrrhic (Citadel)

A Bola de Metal Especial Samain

Wednesday 13 – I Walked with a Zombie (Transylvania 90210)
Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankestein (Hey Stoopid)
Moonspell – I’ll see you in my Dreams (BSO)
King Diamond "Them"
Lordi – Scare Force One (Scare force One)
Korn – Kidnapp the Sandy Claws (cover)
Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon (Bark at the Moon)
The Bronx Casket Co. – Little dead girl (Hellectric)
Type O Negative – Black No 1 (Bloody Kisses)
Octawitch – The Witch (The Witch)

A Bola de Metal 24/10/14

Obituary – Violent by Nature (Inked in Blood)
Blackwater – Waste Away (Rive Ep)
Edguy – Love Tyger (Space Police)
Liv Kristine – Love Decay (Vervain)
Shop Circus "Mentiendes?"
At the Gates – The Circular Ruins (At War with Reallity)
Sonata Arctica – Replica (Ecliptica re-visited)
Ashes of Moon – The Secret (The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping)

A Bola de Metal 17/10/14

Starkill - Winter Desolation (Virus of the Mind)
Warmen - The Red Letter (First of the Five Elements)
Allen Lande - In the Hands of Time (The Great Divide)
Amaranthe - Unreal (Massive Addictive)
Slash - World on Fire (World on Fire)
Katatonia - Ghost of the Sun (Viva Emptiness)
Bloodbath - Famine of God's Word (Grand Morbid Funeral)
Nightwish - Romanticide (Showtime, Storytime)
Behemoth - At the left hand ov God (The Apostasy)
Leprous - Coal (Coal)

A Bola de Metal 10/10/14

Souldrainer – Biological Experiments (Architect)
At the Gates – At War With Reallity (At War With Reallity)
In Flames – Paralyzed (Siren Charms)
Alter Bridge – Isolation (ABIII)
Exodus – Collateral Damage (Blood in, Blood Out)
Ocean’s Garde – Justitia (single)
Mileth – …E na novena Onda Caeron os Deuses (single)

A Bola de Metal 03/10/14

Ever Dream – Diamonds (sgle)
White Empress – Darkness Encroaching (Rise of the Empress)
Soilwork – My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool (Beyond the Infinite)
Sanctuary – Arise and Purify (The year the sun died)
Evergrey – The Fire (Hymns for the Broken)
Cannibal Corpse – Kill or Become (A Skeletal Domain)
Aniday – Hole in my heart (Aniday)
Horned Almighty – World of Tombs (World of Tombs)
Delain – Army of Dolls (The Human Contradiction)

A Bola de Metal 26/09/14

The Haunted – Eye of the Storm (Exit Wounds)
Machine Head – Now We Die (Bloodstone & Diamonds)
Mr. Big – The Monster in Me (The Stories we could tell…)
1349 – Cauldron (Massive Cauldron of Chaos)
Guilles de Rais – Seed and Reincarnation (The Bridge)

Entrevista a Sevi, guitarrista de Guilles de Rais

A Bola de Metal 19/09/14

Decapitated – Blood Mantra (Blood Mantra)
Devil You Know – My Own (The Beauty of Destruction)
Sanctuary – Exilium (Anthem of the Living) (The Year the Sun Died)
Evergrey – Archaic Rage (Hymns for the Broken)
Meshuggah – Do not look Down (The Ophidian Trek)
Sonata Arctica – Kingdom for a Heart (Ecliptica 15th ammiversary)
Eryn Non Dae – Hidden Lotus (Meliora)
Anthrax – A Skeleton in the Closet (live)

A Bola de Metal 12/09/14

Sonic Syndicate – Day of the dead (Sonic Syndycate)
Guilles de Rais – Fly Over the Crap (The Bridge)
HammerFall – Bushido ((r)evolution)
Work of Art – Can’t let Go (Framework)
Eluveitie – Sucellos (Origins)
Slipknot – The Devil in I (5, the Gray Chapter)
Siberian – Moth (Modern Age Mausoleum)
Khaos – After the Silence (single)

A Bola de Metal 06/09/14

Six Days of May – Walk of a Failure (Lymph)
Evergrey – King of Errors (Hymns for the Broken)
Asha – She Did something New (Emotional Intelligence)
Zephyra – Atychiphobia (Mental Absolution)
Dark Fortress – Luciform (Veneral Dawn)
Lucid Fly – Waitng (sgle)
In Flames – In Plain View (Sirens Charm)
Astral Doors – Wailing Wall (Notes from the Shadows)

A Bola de Metal 27/06/14

Ihsahn – Nacl (Das Seelenbrechen)
Amberian dawn – Magic Forest (Magic Forest)
Sinister – The science of Prophecy (The Post-Apocalyptic Servant)
The Ocean – The Wish in Dreams (Pelagial)
Embrace of Disharmony – The Edge of nowhere (Humananke)
Textures – Reaching Home (Dualism)
Vintersorg – Overallt Och Ingestans (Naturbal)
Incantation – Debauchery (Dirges of Elysium)
Monuments – Origin of Escape (The Amanuensis)
Illdisposed – The Way we Choose (With the lost souls on our side)

A Bola de Metal 20/06/14

Falconer – Locust Swarm (Black Moon Rising)
Eluveitie – King (Origins)
Opeth – Cusp of Eternity (Pale Communion)
SepticFlesh – The First Immortal (Titan)
Deathstars – Explode (The Perfect Cult)
Mastodon – Chimes at Midnight (Once More Round the Sun)
Sonic Syndicate -Before you finally break (feat. Bjorn Strid)
Kal-El – Black Hole (Pakal)
Furtherial – Death Comes Closer (Destroying Atropolis)

A Bola de Metal 06/06/14

Marion Crane – Savior (Rock and Roll is dead, and I know where the bodies are buried)
Tacity Fury – Run While you Can (A Social Berserker)
Blind Century – Thanks for Nothing (Bad Moon Citizen)
Shop Circus
Avatar – Hail the Apocalypse (Hail the Apocalypse)
Arch Enemy – you Will Know My Name (War Eternal)
Kal-El – Black Hole (Pakal)
Octawitch – The Witch (The Witch)

A Bola de Metal 09/05/14

Gigatrón – Speed Thrash Big Bang (Atopeosis 666)
Echoterra – Earth and Above (A Sanguinary Greed)
Vader – Triumph of Death (Tibi et Igni)
Mekong Delta – The Armageddon Machine (In a Darkly Mirror)
Vanishing Point – King of Empty Promises (Distant is the Sun)
Tuomas Holopainen – A Lifetime of Adventure (The Life and Times of Scrooge)
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Design the Century (Angels of the Apocalypse)
Anette Olzon – Lies (Shine)
Behemoth – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (The Satanist)

A Bola de Metal 09/05/14

Epica – The Second Stone (The Quantum Enigma)
Slayer – Implode (sgle)
Vallenfyre – Scabs (Splinters)
Darkness by Oath "Seeds of Desolation"
SepticFlesh – Burn (Titan)
Xandria – Stardust (Sacrificium)
Barbarian Prophecies – Punishment of Oblivion (XIII)
Asha – She Did Somehitng New (Emotional Intelligence)
Agalloch – Vales Beyond Dimension (The serpent and the Sphere)

A Bola de Metal 25/04/14

Carcass – Unfit for Human Consumption (Surgical Steel)
Darmage – El Arquitecto (La caída de los ídolos)
Edguy – The Realms of Baba Yaga (Space Police)
Dawn – Eyesland (Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher (Re-issue 2014))
Desecration – I, Cadaver (Cemetery Sickness)
Om – State of No Return (Advaitic Songs)
Caelus – Rising Flames (Start all Over Again)
Megadeth – All I Want (Super Collider)

A Bola de Metal 11/04/14

Korn – Prey for Me (The Paradigm Shift)
Gojira – The Heaviest Matter of the universe (Les Enfants Sauvages)
Epica – Unchain Utopia (The Quantum Enigma)
Saliva – She can Sure Hide Crazy (Rise up)
Triptykon – Boleskine House (Melana Chasmata)
Sinbreed – Shadows (Shadows)
Massacre – Hunter’s Blood (Back From Beyond)
Sonata Arctica – Take one Breath (Pariah’s Child)
Lacuna Coil – Infection (Broken Black Halo)
Deviant Syndrome – Blessing the Emptiness (Inflicted Deviations)

A Bola de Metal 28/03/14

Serenity – The Art of War (War of ages)
Delain – Stardust (The Human contradiction)
Dynazty – Starlight (Renatus)
Edguy – Love Tyger (Space Police)
Phlebotomized – Barricade (Immense Intense Suspense)
Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher - Rainbow in the dark (Dio – This is your life)
Elvenking – Elvenlegions (The Pagan Manifesto)
Death Angel – Caster of Shame (The Dream Calls for Blood)

A Bola de Metal 21/03/14

Arch Enemy – War Eternal (War Eternal)
Sonata Arctica – The Wolves Die Young (Pariah’s child)
Pretty Maids – Deranged (Louder than Ever)
Odium "The Sad Realm Of The Stars"
Morrighan – Evocation (Hear our Cry)
Gus G. – Blame it on Me (I’m the Fire)
Insomium – Revelations (Shadows of the Dying Sun)
Ever Dream – Diamonds (sgle)

A Bola de Metal 14/03/14

Whispered – Hold the Sword (Shogunate Macabre)
Insomnium – Through the Shadows (One for Sorrow)
Mob Rules – Rain Song (Inside the Life)
Massacre – As we wait to die (Back from beyond)
Therion – Cults of the Shadows (Theli 20 aniversario)
Words of Farewell – Beauty in passing (The Black Wild Yonder)
Anvil of Doom – Satrving (demo)(Live For Madness IV)
Amaranthe – Afterlife (Nexus)

A Bola de Metal 07/03/14

Primal Fear – King for a day (Delivering the Black)
Stream of Passion – The Curse (A War of Our Own)
Eldritch – Seeds of Love (Tasting the Tears)
Tears of Martyr – Golem (Tales)
Shop Circus “Mentiendes?”
Shrapnel – Titan
Ashes 2 Ashes – Addiction (Th3ories)
Delain – Your Body is a Battleground (The Human Contradiction)
Dark Tranquillity – A Memory Construct (single)
Barbarian Prophecies – Punishment of Oblivion (XIII)

A Bola de Metal 28/02/14

Septic Flesh – The Vampire from Nazareth (The Great Mass)
ReVamp – Nothing (Wild Card)
The Unguided – Deathwalker (Fragile Immortality)
Lacuna Coil – Nothing Stands in our Way (Broken Crown Halo)
Shop Circus “Mentiendes?”
Sonata Arctica – Cloud Factory (Pariah’s Child)
Mileth - … e na novena onda caeron os deuses (single)
Crematory – Insisde your Eyes (Antiserum)

A Bola de Metal 21/02/14

In This Moment – All for You (The Dream)
Circus maximus – I Am (Nine)
Place Vendome – Completely Breathless (Streets of Fire)
Halestorm – Love Bites (So Do I) (The strange case of…)
The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Call Love (Permission to Land)
Anathema – Dreaming Light (We are here because we are here)
Iron Maiden – Wasted Years (Somewhere in Time)
WASP – Sleeping in the Fire (WASP)
Soul Relic – Dying Angels (Love is a lie we both believe)
Lacrimosa – Durch Nacht und Flut (Echoes)
3 Doors Down – Heaven (Time of my life)

A Bola de Metal 07/02/14

Passenger – In reverse (Passenger)
Sonata Arctica – The Wolves die Young (Pariah’s Child)
Behemoth – Ora pro nobis Lucifer (The Satanist)

Shop Circus “Mentiendes?”:
Iskald – Underwordly (Nedom og Nord)

Daniel Riva “Electric Cult”
Avatarium – Moonhorse (Avatarium)

Asha – Casuality of events (Gallery Of Thoughts)

Entrevista a Kike G. Caamaño (Asha)

A Bola de Metal 31/01/14

Heed – I’m alive (The Call)
Ever Dream – Diamonds (Diamonds)
Stamina – Perseverance (Perseverance)
Skull Harvest – In Fortitude (Queens, freaks and Hurricanes)
Octawitch – The Witch ptI (The Witch)
Malevolence – Cult of the Everlasting (Antithetical)
Delain – Invidia (April Rain)
Kamelot – Sacrimony (Silverthorn)

A Bola de Metal 10/01/14

Mercenary – A New Dawn (Through our Darkest Days)
Dunkelnacht - Emergent Primitive Constellations (Revelation)
James LaBrie – I will not Brake (I will not brake)

Mentiendes: Skull Fist – Bad for Good

Asha – The Deep Serenity (Pleasures of Equality)
Leaves – Instante Infinito (This is the Time)
Iced Earth – Among the Living Dead (Plagues of Babylon)
Right to the Void – Kingdom of Vanity (Kingdom of Vanity)

A Bola de Metal 29/11/13

The Privatter - A Sequel From a Distant Visit (Monolith)
Angra - Nothing to Say (Angel's Cry live)
Deals Death - Facing the Echoes(Point Zero Solution)

Mentiendes: Hell "Curse & Chapter"

Nightwish - Romanticide (Showtime, Storytime)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Minotaur (Wrath of Gods) (Labyrinth)
Human Fortress - Child of War (Raided Land)

A Bola de Metal 22/11/13

Deadlock – The Great Pretender (The Arsonist)
Almah – Raise of the Sun (Unfold)
Pestilence – Obsideo (Obsideo)

Mentiendes?: Deicide "In The Minds of Evil"

Leave’s Eyes – Fading Earth (Symphonies of the Night)

Queensryche – Where dreams go to Die (Queensryche)
Rhapsody of Fire - Rising From Tragic Flames (Dark Wings of Steel)

A Bola de Metal 15/11/13

Disturbed – Monster
Barbarian Prophecies – Embrace of Insanity (XIII)
Lamb of God – Ruin (As the Places Burn)

Strypper "No More Hell To Pay"

Sepultura – The Vatican (The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart)
Rainover – Rain Over My tears (Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth)
Ashes to Ashes – Alice’s Song (Borderline)
In Extremo - Lebemann Oma (Kunstraub)

A Bola de Metal 08/11/13

Death Angel – Son of the Morning (The Dream Calls for Blood)
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror (Nightfall in Middle Earth)
Coronatus – In Meinen Reich (Recreation Carminis)

Secrets of the Sky

Leaves – Instante Infinito (This is the Time)
Entrevista Leaves

A Bola de Metal 25/10/13

Circle II Circle – Never Gonna Stop (Season Will Fall)
Testament – Rise up (Dark Roots of Earth)
Leaves – Instante Infinito (This is the Time)


Rainover – Rebirth (Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth)

Entrevista a Andrea Casanova, voz de Rainover

A Bola de Metal 04/10/13

Mercenary – Welcome the Sickness (Through our Darkest Days)
Insomnium – Ephemeral (Ephemeral Ep)

ReVamp - Precibus (Wild Card)
Skull Harvest – In Fortitude (Queens, Freaks & hurricanes)

Rainover – Rebirth ( Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth)
Watain – All that may bleed (The Wild hunt)

Agharti – The Sky is Falling (Change)
Paradise Lost – Gothic 2013 (Tragic Illusions)
Place Vendome - The Power of Music (Thunder in the Distance)

A Bola de Metal 27/09/13

Mystic Prophecy – Armies of Hell (Killhammer)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Minotaur (Wrath of Poseidon) (Labyrinth)
Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (Countdown to Extinction Live)

“Mentiendes” por Shop Circus:
Fates Warning "Darkness In A Different Light"

Within Temptation – Silver Moonlight (Paradise EP)

Electric Cult por Daniel Riva:
Omega Massif – Wölfe (Karpatia)

Tristania - Cathedral (Darkest White)

A Bola de Metal 20/09/13

Pink Cream 69 – Special (Ceremonial)
Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System (Surgical Steel)
Barbarian Prophecies – The Hidden (XIII)

“Mentiendes?” por Shop Circus
Turisas – We Ride Together (2013)

Amberian Dawn – Kokko, eagle of Fire (Revolution)
Satyricon – Nekrohaven (Satyricon)
LMO & Rage – Cleansed by Fire (LMO)

A Bola de Metal 28/06/13

Kandia – Blow (All is Gone)
Barbarian Prophecies – Punishment of Oblivion (XIII)

“Mentiendes?” de Shop Circus

Edenbridge – The invisible Force (The Bonding)
Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy (The Sinister Supremacy)
Leaves – Now is the Time (This is the Time)
Sad Eyes – 50mn1 (9hob1a)
Orphaned Land – All is One (All is One)

A Bola de Metal 14/06/13: Entrevista Ever Dream

Jorn – Legend Mand (Traveller)
Dark Tranquillity – Endtime Heats (Construct)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn

Ever Dream – Wine and Roses

Entrevista Celeste y Raúl, voz y guitarra de Ever Dream

A Bola de Metal 31/05/13: Entervista a Maldia

Right to the Void – World Decay (Kingdom of Vanity)
Megadeth – Kingmaker (Super Collider)
Agharti – Lost (Change)

“Mentiendes?” de Shop Circus:
Shade Empire “Omega Arcane”

Phobos Preacher – Lágrimas en la arena (Humano)
Barbarian Prophecies – Lost Souls (Remember the Fallen)
Maldia – Bajo mi Cama (Maldia)

Entrevista a Neme, voz de Maldia.

A Bola de Metal 26/04/13: Entrevista a Jare

Tristania – Darkest White (Darkest White)
Atrocity – Haunted by Demons (Okkult)
Megadeth – Super Collider (Super Collider)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Cathedral – Cathedral of the Damned (The Last Spire)

Dark Tranquillity – The Science of Noise (Construct)
Kandia - Scars (All is Gone)
Jare – Neure Edurnezuri (Iaze)

Entrevista a Mikel Bizar, voz de Jare

A Bola de Metal 19/04/13

Noumena – Handful of Dust (Death Walks with me)
Skid Row – Kings of demolition (United World Rebellion Chapter 1)
Amorphis – Hopeless Days (Circle)
“Mentiendes?” de Shop Circus:
October Tide
Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods (Deceiver of the Gods)
Memory Garden – The Evangelist (Doomain)
Daniel Riva “Electric Cult”
Spiritual Beggars – Killing Time (On Fire)
Norhod – Lily’s Ashes (The Blazing Lily)
Cenizas del Edén – Perder el control (Adamantium)

A Bola de Metal 12/04/13

Circle II Circle – Without a Sound (Season Will Fall)
Prayed and Betrayed – Legacy (Manifesting Reality EP)
Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion (Master of Confusion EP)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Hate – Alchemy ov Blood (Solarflesh)

Stratovarius – Out of the Fog (Nemesis) – Muerte por odio
Lordi – Schizo Doll (To Beast or not to beast)
Distress of Ruin – The Play Dead (Predators Among Us)

A Bola de Metal Entevista Asha "First Journey..." 05/04/13

Evergrey – Blinded (Recreation Day)
Kandia – Scars (All is Gone)
All That Remains – Asking Too Much (A War you cannot Win)

“Mentiendes??” de Shop Circus:
Lost Society “Fast Loud Death”

Kilswitch Engage – The New Awakening (Disarm The Descent)

“Match Grip” de Julio G. Valladares
Slayer – Gemini (Undisputed Attitude)

Asha – All the Tears from Hell (First Journey Through Time & Space)
Entevista Kike G. Caamaño

A Bola de Metal 15/03/13

Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills (The number of the Beast)
Avantasia - Invoke the Machine (The Mystery of Time)
Soilwork – Realm of the Wasted (The Living Infinite)
Finntroll – Blodsvept (Blodsvept)

"Mentiendes??" de Shop Circus:
Serenity – The Art of War (The Art of War)

Suidakra – Darcane Times (Emprise to Avalon)
Asha – All the Tears From Hell (In Harmony With Shame)

Hate – Alchemy of Blood (Solarflesh)
Moonspell – Lickanthrope (Alpha Noir)

A Bola de Metal Live For Madness Metal Fest 08/03/13

13 Left to Die – Sent By death (Seconds Behind)
Inordem – Inevitable (La miseria de un Dios)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Disperse – Enigma of Adobe (Living Mirrors)

BarbarianProphecies – Lost Souls (Remember the Fallen)
N.O.T. – Estella Fugaz (De|Género Humano)

"Electric Cult" de Daniel Riva:
Dissection – Starless Aoen (Starless Aeon)

Above the Seas – Decaying Process (Naturalis)

A Bola de Metal 01/03/13

Bleeding Utopia – A Lifes Decay (Demons to some, Gods to others)
Ivalys – Nothing Grows (Lumen)
Haterial – Twisted Verses (Twisted Verses)

“Mentiendes?” de Shop Circus:
Rotting Christ “Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy”

Donuts Hole – Días en la Orilla (Parodia de un Silencio)
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow – The Day (Saivon Lapsi)
Disbeliever – Unreal (The Dark Days)
Beyond Mortallity - Final Order (Infected Life)

A Bola de Metal 22/02/13

Pain – The Great Pretender (You only live twice)
Lamb of God – Ghost Walking (Resolution)
Defeated Mind – Defeated World
Alice in Chains – Lesson Learned (Black Gives Way to Blue)

“Mentiendes?” de Shop Circus:
Darkthrone “The Underground Resistance”

Asha – Disappear (Ku - Grime)
Heaven’s Gate – We want it all (Living in Hysteria)
Marasme – Més enllá (Mirroir)
2Black – Mind Infect (Mind Infect)

A Bola de Metal Entrevista Barbarian Prophecies "XIII"

Halestorm - Love Bites (So Do I) (Live in the Room)
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror (Nightfall in Middle Earth)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Suffocation "Pinnacle Of Bedlam"

Finntroll – Blodsvept (Blodsvept)

Electric Cult: El Cazador de Riffs
The Gates of Slumber – Death March (Stormcrow)

Barbarian Prophecies - Remember the Fallen

Entrevista Julio G. Valladares

A Bola de Metal 01/02/13

Paradise Lost – The Enemy (In Requiem)
Insomnium – Only One Who Waits (One For Sorrow)
Killswitch Engage – In Due Time (Disarm the Descent)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
Voivod "Target Earth"

Kandia – Into Your hands (Inward Beauty, Outward Reflection)
Avantasia – I Don´t Believe in Your Love (The Scarecrow)
Cradle Of Filth – Succumb to This (The Manticore and Other Horrors)
Helloween – Waiting for the Thunder (Straight out of Hell)

A Bola de Metal 25/01/13

Amaranthe – The Nexus (“The Nexus” sgle)
Blind Guardian – The Script for my Requiem (Imaginations from the Other Side)
Megadeth – Black Swan (Thirteen)

Recomendado Shop Circus:
Unreal Overflows "False welfare"

Iron Maiden – Moonchild (Seventh son of a Seventh Son)
Spiritual Beggars – Lost in Yesterday (Demons)
Nightwish – Ghost Love Score (live)

A Bola de Metal Entrevista Ashes 2 Ashes 11/01/13

Buckcherry – Gluttony (Confessions)
Suffocation – As Grace Descends (Pinnacle of Bedlam)
Pink Cream 69 – Special (Ceremonial)

"Mentiendes?" de Shop Circus:
SepticFlesh - Return to Carthage (Mystic Places of Dawn)

Vildhjarta – Shadow (Masstaden)
Levania – Midnight in Silence (Parasynthesis)
Ashes 2 Ashes – I Will Be There (Soul 2 Soul)
Entrevista con Héctor Núñez.

A Bola de Metal 04/01/13

Asha – Christmas Song
Helloween – Nabataea (Straight out of hell)
Soilwork – Spectrum of Eternity (The Living Infinite)
Stratovarius – Unbreakable (Nemesis)

Shop Circus “Mentiendes??”
Saturnus – A Fathers Providence (Saturn in Ascension)

Lacuna Coil – End of Time (Dark Adrenaline)

Daniel Riva “Electric Cult”
Before the Dawn – Deathstar

Ashes 2 Ashes – Catch a train (Soul 2 Soul)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Swan Saivo (Saivon Lapsi)

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